Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro Review

Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro Review

Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro: Detailed Review

I audit such huge numbers of telephones once a day that occasionally it’s too simple to scrutinize an organization’s procedure, plan or vision. In any case, now and again a telephone comes around that discloses to me that item directors are likely not continually thinking what we purchasers do. The Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro is one such gadget. While selfies is unquestionably a pattern, attributes of the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro are a long ways behind what I figured they would be. On the off chance that you’ve perused my initial introductions of this telephone, you would realize that I was genuinely awed with Asus’ usage of a double pixel sensor. Lamentably, the enchantment is just in principle for the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro.

24MP selfies and double front camera

No, the Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro doesn’t really have a 24 megapixel sensor on the front. As I said some time recently, Asus takes the two pixels on Sony’s double pixel sensor (typically utilized for speedier concentration) to shoot two casings at the same time and utilize programming to unite them as one 24 MP “duopixel” photograph. The IMX362 utilized here is really a 12MP sensor, which Moto G5 Plus clients will be very acquainted with.

I have frequently written in my audits, that while Asus compromises on equipment specs, where the organization genuinely fizzles is programming. Sadly, that issue raises its appalling head on the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro.

The telephone utilizes programming to make the “duopixel” photographs and I continually observed the 12MP mode to be greatly improved than the 24MP adaptation, particularly in low light. In case you’re shooting in the 24MP mode, subtle elements are routinely lost and photographs turn out looking delicate and unnatural very frequently. This increments in low light. I gave the telephone to a considerable lot of my lesser tech taught companions, every one of whom observed the boisterous photos to be “hazy”. Truth be told, I even gave the telephone to an expert form blogger companion, who dissed the camera unequivocally.

With f/1.8 gap, the front camera takes in a great deal of light when shooting. What’s more, with two pictures set up together, it’s quite recently too simple to victory brilliantly lit territories, which regularly incorporates your face in view of how light’s falling on it.

Things being what they are the IMX362 really needn’t bother with extra programming. While 12MP photographs looked a smidgen dull contrasted with the 24MP photographs, they are substantially more itemized and characteristic. In the event that you do need them to be brighter, a slight change or channel is promptly accessible on practically every social sharing application. I favored Facebook and Instagram’s pre-chosen channels to the 24MP duopixel mode quite often.

In this way, we’ve built up that Asus’ telephone can in any case take good selfies, just not with the component it markets. That is not the issue however. The issue is that I’ve seen much better selfies from different cell phones. We’ll get to that in the how it analyzes segment at the base of this audit.

The Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro additionally has a 5MP sensor appended close by the double pixel sensor. This current one’s a wide point shooter, which honestly, appears like a greatly improved usage of double cameras than bokehs or monochrome+RGB. You can rapidly change to the wide edge mode, through the catch gave on the viewfinder. The telephone does this without slacks or falters, which is empowering. The wide edge camera is set to 4MP naturally, yet you can change to 5MP from settings.

The drawback however is that the second sensor is unequivocally sub-par compared to the first. It has smaller gap and lower pixel measure. That outcomes in ominous photographs in low light, as in gatherings and clubs. That is likely when you will require the wide edge mode most, when you’re out with companions. It’s a not too bad sidekick in normal light however, however regardless it doesn’t deliver high subtle elements, and photographs are a bit dull.

By and large, the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro is a failure as I would like to think. At Rs. 23,999, I can’t prescribe this to anybody in great heart. The main genuine upside is that Asus’ product is tuned to process pictures quick (however they’re a smidgen moderate in low light) and you don’t get foggy shots because of absence of core interest. That is all because of Asus’ independent SuperPixel motor that handles preparing and programming parts of the camera, offloading to the Snapdragon 625’s Spectra ISP just for the last jpeg transformation. The telephone additionally shoots in auto-HDR mode without slacks, which is amazing.

Incidentally, the duopixel include is killed of course, which is a puzzling decision for a telephone that is sold particularly for that element. Did Asus know it’s not the most ideal approach to click selfies?

4K recording utilizing front camera

There’s one final contrivance here, and that is 4K video recording with the front camera. It’s an element vloggers will positively acknowledge, in spite of the fact that I for one don’t know numerous Indian vloggers who record in 4K determination. In any case, it’s constantly great to be in front of what your client’s innovations bolster, so this is a helpful element for a specialty crowd. Likewise, not at all like the camera’s photo taking capacities, I observed recordings to be more good. You will likely need some sort of adjustment, however video quality is great generally.

Raise Camera

I’m more awed with the back 16MP sensor on this telephone. While it’s not what the organization concentrates on, the camera is really able to do some extraordinary shots in sufficiently bright conditions, and oversees low light sensibly as well. It’s not an outright entertainer certainly, yet it’ll carry out the activity for social posting and sharing. It’s likewise sufficiently quick to center and doesn’t take long to process photographs. You can expect better than average measure of points of interest in light, while night shots won’t be totally ruined by commotion, and channels can in any case do ponders with them. Like the front camera, the back camera shoots on auto-HDR without slack, and HDR’s effect is very great.


At this point we as a whole realize that the Snapdragon 625 is an amazingly productive, yet quick chipset. That works for the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro. Asus has additionally tuned ZenUI 4.0 to keep away from the typical slacks and stammers we have seen on its gadgets. You shouldn’t expect leader class execution here, yet there’s not a lot to whine about in true use. Benchmarks scores are clearly lower than 652s or 820s, yet your amusements will routinely keep running at playable 30fps edge rates and application load or ease of use is positively smart.

While I’m not awed by Asus’ camera programming, I need to laud the organization for tuning ZenUI to this degree. Asus telephones have utilized the Snapdragon 625 preceding, however they’ve never fully been smooth or sufficiently liquid to coordinate rivalry. The Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro does, and you won’t scrutinize the chipset decision unless you’re truly specs cognizant.


The PC Mark battery test takes 9 hours and 32 minutes to empty this current telephone’s battery out of 80% to 20%. As far as I can tell, that is a conventional however not a greatly high score for any telephone. I tried this with general utilization also, so I can validate that the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro will last you a work day, as practically every other cell phone today. 10-12 hours of use ought to be achievable effectively, even with a decent lot of gaming.


Another change here is the show. The Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro has a 5.5 inch show and it looks significantly more vivid, warm and energetic when contrasted with more seasoned Asus shows. This is something I saw on the Zenfone Zoom S too, which bodes well since the two telephones have AMOLED boards. The touch execution is additionally incredible, because of Corning’s Gorilla Glass (rendition unspecified), and on the off chance that it is important to you, it’s 2.5D bended also.

The main drawback of the show is that it’s not extraordinary under direct daylight, even with the splendor swung to most extreme.

Assemble and Design

At long last, what I like the most about the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro is its plan. While Asus hasn’t received the new 18:9 perspective proportion, and doesn’t push the limits with screen to body proportion, the telephone feels premium. Its metallic body is very thin and the telephone is light too. Weight is equitably circulated and the back has a cleaned complete that can be marginally dangerous on occasion.

The square camera sensor on the back looks pleasant to me, and Asus’ concentric circles configuration sparkles at whatever point light falls on it. It’s additionally positively assembled, however doesn’t feel amazingly durable. I’m as yet cheerful to bear this in my pocket however, despite the fact that it doesn’t meet present day outline guidelines to the T.


While there are positively some ideal highlights on the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro, it doesn’t make for an exceptionally esteem for cash telephone. Truth be told, it comes up short at its essential guarantee, which is never something worth being thankful for, and that to some degree cuts down the whole offer for selfie darlings. I wouldn’t prescribe this telephone to you.

How it thinks about

On the off chance that great selfies is the thing that you need, the Oppo F3 (audit) makes a superior showing with regards to than this gadget, and in the event that you can build your financial plan by around 4K, the Oppo F3 Plus (survey) remains our pick for selfie-driven cell phones. The Asus Zenfone 3 Selfie Pro makes a guarantee that looks great on paper, yet doesn’t really convey.

You’re most likely not purchasing this is selfies don’t make a difference to you, yet in the event that it is among your considered telephones, the OnePlus 3T (audit) would be our pick of the part in this value run. The Moto Z2 Play (audit) additionally makes for a more incentive for cash buy.

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