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Hello Everyone I hope you all are good so I m back with some latest lifestyle information.

Today we are going to review which is a furniture Website/Blog so Letstakereview ->


Firstly you all want to know What is all about so is a Furniture blog where user can      buy/sell item. cover all the essential furniture items that a good home requires so when you opens the website you will see the amazing Website logo under it different type of categories.

Catergories are as follows :: Furniture : Decor : Dining : Quirky :Faux Botanics : Us & on the right side on top you find button ‘Sell on Bentchair’ & ‘sinup/login’.


1 Furniture:: In this category you find 4 sub category i.e Table , chair , comfort & mirror as these are some of the essential thing for perfect home.

2 Decor:: In the category of Decor you will find 12 Sub categories i.e. Bookends , Clocks , Cushions & many other which you have to find on

3 Dinning:: In this category there are 7 sub categories which are essential for a good dinning & those categories are Glassware , Homebasics , Coffes mugs ,Teapots ,Wine Holders & Platter Bowls.

4 Faux Botanics:: In the category of Faux Botanics there are 3 sub category which are Plotted Plants, Leaf Sticks & Floral sticks.

5 Quirky:: In the category of Quirky all the funky things are avaliable but I don’t want to spoil the mystery so Visit Website & find some cool & funky Quirky.

I hope you all liked the article for the Bentchair & are exited to open the Website so What are waiting for open new Tab & Write




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