BESPOKE REVOLUTION- International brand

BESPOKE REVOLUTION- International brand

Many talented, creative and ambitious stylists and designers falter at their own business when they cannot deal with sourcing, quality of inputs as they lack the experience and commercial acumen. They are often taken for a ride by unscrupulous dealers and traders that either overprice materials or pass off spurious goods to them. This is where BESPOCUT steps in.

Bespocut offers a technology enabled cloud based application to the bespoke entrepreneur who can globally renowned fabrics, trim and accessory manufacturers across the world

Many entrepreneurs do not realise that to present a wide selection of fabrics one has to maintain a stock and that costs a lot to maintain. Plus there is dead stock at the end of each cycle. This reduces the profitability of the business. With Bespocut entrepreneur can create their own identity in the fashion industry without making investment in stocks and have no dead stock situations.

For a nominal fee and subscription, Bespocut enables style and bespoke entrepreneurs to work to full capacity with over a 100 thousand fabric and trims choices and the just in time delivery ensures an optimally low working capital requirement.

Each Bespocut subscription comes with the unique Bespocut App (ATM) which ensures that you do not lose any client details as they are all saved in our cloud.

The App based CRM system makes customer management easy and useful. The styling, creation and label are all yours.  Bespocut is the first Indian company dedicated to the bespoke industry.
they help fashion entrepreneurs provide the best bespoke experience to their clients
there global network of authenticated world class fabric and accessories provides entrepreneurs/stylists an unbeatable advantage of supplies direct from factory.

Bespocut is a first of its kind B2B online technology enabled platform offering 100% bespoke custom clothing experience.

BESPOCUT is a brand Aska e-Commerce Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A part of the established industrial enterprise, The Aska Group. Aska Group is a 32 years old ISO 9001:2008 certified Company. Aska Group is a leader and pioneer in fire safety and life saving equipments and is an equipment supplier to government departments, states, Disaster Relief Mission and Private Enterprises.
Call on 1800 1200 388 and speak to your BESPOCUT

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