Energy Sistem Audio Product Portfolio launched in India

Energy Sistem Audio Product Portfolio launched in India

Alchemie Commerce Private Limited, the official partner of Energy Sistem Technology SA, a Spanish technology giant with over two decades of experience in creating personal audio devices, launches a range of Energy Sistem audio products in India. The product categories include Headphones (Bluetooth and Wired), Music Box, Party Tower System, and Music Tower System. The brand will be bringing a comprehensive product portfolio of over 46 products to be available in the Indian market within next 2 months which will be priced between Rs. 1,499 to Rs. 24,999/. The company will expand the portfolio to cover more than 100 products by end of the year.  The product range will be available exclusively on Flipkart.

The range of products rolled out today includes Energy Headphones 1 Bluetooth (Bluetooth Headphone)Energy Headphones Sport 1 (Sports Bluetooth Earphone)Energy Music Box B2 (Bluetooth Speaker), Energy DJ2 Mic (Wired Headphone)Energy Headphones 1 Mic (Wired Headphone)Energy Earphones Ceramic 5(wired earphone), Energy Sport 1 (Wired Earphone), Energy Sport 2 (Around the next wired earphone), and Energy Urban 3 (Wired Earphones).

In the coming weeks, the company will also be rolling out Energy Headphone 3 Bluetooth (Bluetooth headphones) and Energy Tower 1( Music Tower System).

At the core of Energy Sistem’s product development philosophy are four cornerstones to develop innovative products – what is called the TDPE framework, which stands for Technology, Design, People, and Emotion. The company is based in the heart of the Mediterranean with international aspirations

Energy Sistem today is present in Europe, North Africa, and Latin America, with an active presence in more than 40 countries. Behind the brand, there is a multicultural team of 150 people of 16 different nationalities who are able to make difficult things happen in a simple way.

Product Specifications

  • Energy Music Box B2- Take along this Bluetooth Speaker high quality portable wireless speaker and enjoy as never before the music of your smartphone or tablet anywhere. Besides, you will be able to answer your phone calls thanks to its hands-free function. Available in three colors – black, coral and red. Priced at Rs 3499
  • Energy Headphones 1 Bluetooth – Bluetooth headphones with urban and ergonomic design with a control talk feature and a long battery life. The device has an inbuilt microphone and a folding system. Available in 4 exciting colors – red, blue, white and graphite. Priced at Rs. 3999
  • Energy Earphones Sport 1 Bluetooth- Bluetooth earphones for sport lovers, great sound and functionality. You can answer your calls and control music playing while working out. All this with a Secure-fit system.Available in 3 exciting colors – red, blue and graphite Priced at Priced at Rs. 3499
  • Energy Headphones 3 Bluetooth- Headphones with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, microphone and multifunction button to control playback and answer your incoming calls from the device. Enjoy up to 12 hours of battery life and its 10-degree rotation system that provides perfect fit. Priced at Rs 5999
  • Energy Headphones DJ2 Mic.-DJ styled Headphones with 40MM driver created to go with you all day long so that you don’t miss a single moment of your favourite music. Answer your calls with the built-in microphone and control the playback of your music Priced at Rs. 2499
  • Energy Headphones 1 Mic – Headphones with urban and ergonomic design, self-adjusting headband and ear pads that rotate 10º, microphone to answer incoming calls, playback control button and folding system to store them anywhere. Priced at 2499
  • Energy Earphones Ceramic 5– Ceramic earphones with in-ear design to feel the quality of all material finishes. Created to provide balanced sound, clear treble and powerful bass thanks to their fine frequency adjustment. Comes along a carry case to travel with the earphones securely. Priced at Rs 2499
  • Energy Tower 1- This tower speakers system with 30 W output power offers a crystal clear and balanced sound. All this turns it into the best choice for any space.Priced at Rs 7999


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