Film Raise your voice … Ek awaaz

Film Raise your voice … Ek awaaz

On the Special Day of  Navratri 2016 Durga Puja festival marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura On this occasion Producer / Director Pranjal Singh is Doing Premier of his film Raise Your Voice Ek Awaaz, Pranjal want to do primer on the festival of durga puja because this film is made on women & show the problem about women who face in their everyday life Maa Durga kills the evil and make clean this earth, so Pranjal want to show this film on durga puja that every women is like Maa durga a& after seeing this film she also stand & Raise their Voice against Crime & try to kill the crime in this Durga puja.

 Film Raise is voice  Ek awaaz is truly based on women, who face different Problem in the Society, & how to come out with the solution, This film is about Sexual harassment, Eve teasing , and other social evils and torture against women in the society, as well as the movie contains the possible changes which a women can make against these social evil all by herself by just raising her voice against them. Producer-Director Pranjal Singh Show his film RAISE YOUR VOICE …EK AWAAZ, on this special event whole cast and crew of the movie was present and people showed their excitement and interest in this movie. The movie is about the crimes against women of the modern society and how they treated when they revolt against it .The film is an effort to highlight the cases of rape and sexual harassment that goes unreported and unnoticed in our society where people you know, you believe , you trust the most and feel safe with them will hurt you the most. There are many characters in this film, the film is shot in Lucknow Uttar pradesh & Patna Bihar. The main aim of the movie is to bring out the hiddenINSANIYAT”  in everyone. It’s important for every women to know their rights , what can be categorized as rape that should be reported and our society need to change their mindset . Women are victims; they shouldn’t be sidelined or blamed for what happened to them. We believe that to be a girl in today’s society is not a crime but is a thing of pride. In this Film Director Show that a people giving card to women who are accused in that one side Written INSANIYAT Other Side Raise Your Voice.

In This Film there is a song which is written & sing by famous Singer Ashish Joshua Music Director Somyasheel Malviya

In this film director shows small incident stories

Such as – Domestic violence, child abuse, Girl Education, Molestation by Boss in job, Eve teasing on road, Misbehave by police ETC

This Film Has major Voice over which is written & Narrated by Surya Chauhan 

में माँ हु बेटी भी, में बहिन भी हु किसी की

बड़े शौख से सझती दुल्हन भी हु किसी की

कोई पुजता है, कोई चाहता है

कोई अदब से है पुकारता

कोई  कोसता है तो तोड़ता, कोई राख्छसी सा  प्रताड़ता,

कोई इश्क़ के मूरत बना घर से  जोड़ता

कोई ककुछ पालो का भोग केर के बेदिली सा है छोड़ता

बरसो पुराने घर को अपने छोड़ने की रीत है

पर क्यों भला मेरे हिस्से में फिर बिरह का गीत है

में पयार हु, में दुलार हु, में ज़िन्दगी का श्रृंगार हु

क्यों कुछ नहीं बोल पति में क्यों सब कुछ से जाती में

मुझमें भी तू कुछ जान है, अपनी भी एक पेचान है

मुझसे है ये जग जान लो,  बड़ी कीमती हु  ये मान लो

मुझ बिन यहाँ सब वार्यतः है, में हु तू सब में अर्थ  है

जिसने ये श्रीस्ट्री सवारी है

वो औरत है वो नारी है

वो औरत है वो नारी है

 Pranjal Singh


Raise Your Voice / Ek Awaaz

A Film By – Pranjal Singh

Produced & Directed

By – Pranjal Singh

Cast –

  1. Manish Thakur
  2. Sarita Jha
  3. Bhavna Pandey
  4. Sneha Singh Rathore
  5. Jitesh Singh Deo
  6. Azhar Khan
  7. Shahbaz Khan
  8. Abhishek Singh
  9. Surbhi Singh
  10. Ranjana Chauhan
  11. Md . Nadeem
  12. Daani
  13. Pranjal Singh
  14. Arpita Singh
  15. Ashish joshua
  16. Manish Thakur
  17. Apoorv Pratap Singh
  18. Srajak Srivastava
  19. Aishwarya Sinha
  20. Usha Singh
  21. Himani Pandey
  22. Medha Mishra
  23. Shikhar Tiwari
  24. Siddhart dutt
  25. Monis Khan
  26. Baby shashwat sagar
  27. Vidushi Yadav
  28. Jagdeep Kaur
  29. Vikram Katyal
  30. Akash Srivastava
  31. Lalji Yadav
  32. Baby Bhoori

Story By – Pranjal Singh

C0 – Producer – Balram Awasthi

Executive Producer – Suryaa Chauhan

D.O.P – Surya Saxena

Assistant Director – Surya Chauhan & Surya Saxena

Cinematographer – Surya Saxena

Pranjal Singh , Aasheesh Tiwari

Screen Play – Surya Saxena

Written By (script) – Surya Saxena

Song By – Ashish joshua

Production Manager – Suryaa Chauhan

Editing & (V.F.X) – Akhilesh Mitra

Sub-Editor: Ahmad Hussain

Assistant Editor: Nasir

Location Manager – Aparna Singh & Suryaa Chauhan

PR Advertiser – Shashank Shekhar Singh

Film Location – Lucknow

Photography by – Aparna Singh

Make-up Artist- Aparna Singh

VO and VO(Script)- Suryaa Chauhan

Actor co-ordinator- Bhavna Pandey , Yash Chauhan

Lyrics – Ashish Joshua

Marketing Head – Manoj Chauhan

Sponsors – Asquare Studio, Amu Studio, Ganpati Sweet’s, Vanshika Food Service , , Indian News Architect , Techguru publications , whizdom tutorials , PRANJAL SINGH PHOTOGRAPHY

Music On – Asquare Studio

Musicians – Shivam Pant & Parimal Pant

Music Recordist- Parimal Pant

Music Director – Somyasheel Malviya

Sound Engineer – Rishabh

Production – One Click Production’s

Genre – Short Film

Topic – (Against sexual Harassment & eve Teasing)

Website –

Facebook Page ID –


Media Partners :

Indian News Architect


Special Thanks:

All the people of the Nawabi city of Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh Government

R.P. Singh

Rita Singh

Manoj Chauhan

Ranjana Chauhan

Rekha Singh

Sandeep Rawson

Henry Joshua

Hussain Ahmad

Ishita Pant

Sanjay Singh

Kanchan Singh

Kamil Abbas

Chandan Kumar

Mayank Ranjan

Robert Obaid Rouhi

Sankalp Asthana

Shalu Awasthi

Yogesh Pratap Singh

FILM LINK  – Raise your Voice Ek Awaaz

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