Garnet Glow Tea :: New Tea Brand

Garnet Glow Tea :: New Tea Brand

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Garnet Glow Tea

Being a tea lover, I just love trying out new tea variants available in the market. The latest brand that I tried was Garnet Glow Tea and they have many unique house blends to offer.

The variants that I tried are Apple Darjeeling Tea, CTC Premium Tea and Masala Grove Tea. Each one of them are aromatic and wonderful tea blends made with best quality ingredients. If you are a tea lover then you should definitely try out their products.

Masala Grove Tea

A unique blend of authentic Indian herbs and spices with rich premium tea leaves ensures that the goodness of all the ingredients are absorbed uniformly and gets released perfectly at the time of brewing. Known for its health benefits, daily consumption can help in boosting your metabolism.

Health Benefits:: Reduces cancer risk, Supports Immune System, Relieves PMS, Anti-Inflammatory Aid, Improves digestion, etc.

CTC Premium Tea

Revive your senses with a magical cup of aromatic flavors. Made from premium tea leaves, it tastes exquisitely delicious and the aroma smoothens your senses, right with your first sip.

Health Benefits :: Boosts Mental Health, Kidney Health, Improves Eyesight, Healthy Skin.

Apple Darjeeling Tea

A fine quality black tea flavoured with oven-dried apple that imparts subtle flavor to Black Apple Tea
Perfectly balanced, smooth aroma and just enough fruity to make it perky and refreshing! Apple tea is popular worldwide for its rich bouquet, delicious taste and ability to cure many health conditions.

Health Benefits :: Anti-Inflammatory Aid, Maintains Cardiac Health, Anti-Cancer, Improves Bone-health, Weight Loss.

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