Hamara Tiranga releasing on 19 January

Hamara Tiranga releasing on 19 January

Silver Screen Pictures ltd. Launch their Feature
production Hamara tiranga, on the 19th of January, 2018 starring veteran actors Rahul Dev,
Milind Soman, Ashmit Patel and Vijay Raaz. The film is directed by late Sanjeev Balath and
produced by George Mathew. A Period Drama film, “Hamara Tiranga” unfolds the true story of
a small village’s Struggle for independence against the British Raj. The story is set in the
backdrop of the year 1942, the same time around when Quit India Movement was launched by
the then, All-India Congress Committee by Mahatma Gandhi. The launch date of the film also
marks the silver Jubilee of the Quit India Movement. The story revolves around a remote Indian
village’s war against the British Empire during the year 1940’s and ultimate victory of their
freedom from British slavery in a small village called Kanakpur, which defeats the British Empire
by bringing down their flag and Hoisting Indian Flag, thus attaining independence in the year

Mr. George Mathew, Producer says, “It has been shot in Kutch, Gujarat where famous Lagaan
Film was shot but with a different background. In Lagaan freedom is achieved through the game
of Cricket but in Hamara Tiranga, Villagers attain freedom though the British game of Flag
The movie also stars actresses like Harry Key, Thomas Munro, Madhu Sharma and Sheetal
Shah in lead roles. The music of the film boasts of prominent names from the Music Industry
like Lalit Pandit, Umesh Sandilya (Executive Producer) and singers like Sonu Nigam,
Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan. Initially titled “The Flag”. The movie has been renamed to
“Hamara Tiranga”.

Actor Ashmit Patel says, “Shooting for Hamara Tiranga has been a unique experience because
it’s my first period film which I based in the 1940s and the character I play is very earthy and
Straight from the heart kind of a guy who is the Strong man of the village who doesn’t think but
goes by what he feels is in his heat, I had a fantastic time shooting in Bhuj in the Rann of Kutch
where our set was put up. Playing the character of deva gave me an opportunity to go back in
the ear and get into the skin of Deva who epitomizes the aggressive side of people who are
fighting for their freedom. It’s very special to me.”

Actress Sheetal Shah, “Hamara Tiranga” is very close to my heart. My character RADHA is fiery,
has a mind of her own and I lived it and loved it each day if my 40 days shoot. We shot in Kutch,
which made it more special as I m a Gujarati. The film being placed in 1942, it allowed me to live
the pre-independence era. Our costumes were beautiful with a touch of that era. The set was
beautiful and earthy. I am sad to have lost our director Sajeev Balath who was the creator of
this story and film. He envisioned this beautiful story of a small village full of innocent villagers
and their revolt against the British atrocities. Of the 9 films I have done, this one truly remains
one my favourite experiences”.

About Silver Screen Productions: A 360 media entertainment company by Mr.George Mathew,
Mrs., Parvati Menon, U. Ramachandran, Director Naved Mulla and the late Director Sajeev
Balath. SILVER SCREEN PICTURES LTD is an incorporated Company Registered under the Indian
Companies Act 1956. The Company is in the process of inducting more and more professionals
from the Film and Entertainment Industry. The main objective of the Company is to produce
regular feature films in Hindi and in various regional languages on a regular basis, production of
T.V. Serials, News Channels etc., and other activities in the Media and Entertainment area.

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