Huawei Launches HUAWEI WATCH GT

Huawei Launches HUAWEI WATCH GT

Huawei Launches HUAWEI WATCH GT

HUAWEI WATCH GT and HUAWEI Band 3 Pro. Launched alongside the flagship HUAWEI Mate 20 Series, the new wearables offer novel and sophisticated ways for consumers to track their activities and receive fitness coaching that is based on scientific research.

Featuring the classic wristwatch design, ultra-high battery life, low power consumption, sophisticated activity tracking and fitness coaching features, the HUAWEI WATCH GT is one of the most hotly anticipated wearables of the year. The new HUAWEI watch bears the GT name to call attention to its high performance and reliability—just as grand tourers, or high performance automobiles, are trusted for their prowess.

Huawei Watch Gt

Made for Urban Explorers

Spurred by technical advancements and improving living standards, people are becoming keener to explore the world around them.

As an extension of smartphones, wearables complement the feature sets of today’s handsets to help consumers get more out of their devices.

Designed for today’s urban explorers, the HUAWEI WATCH GT addresses one of the most common pain points of wearables: battery life.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT uses an innovative smart power-saving algorithm that enables it to dynamically switch between performance and efficiency modes, depending on user activity, for maximum battery life. This allows the smart watch to stay powered for up to two weeks for frequent use mode [1]. Furthermore, the dual-core architecture of the HUAWEI WATCH GT lets the wearable user enjoy the best of both worlds—it is simultaneously a powerful and highly efficient smart watch.

Besides improved performance and new features, the HUAWEI WATCH GT also sports a unique design. The 1.39-inch 454×254 AMOLED high resolution display presents information cleanly on the wrist.

The smart watch body incorporates a dual-crown design with stainless steel and ceramic bezels, and is treated with a DLC diamond carbon coating to provide users with durability that will last for decades.

The 10.6mm case body is compatible with two band options—

  • a dual-color silicone band and
  • an elegant leather-rubber band

giving users more choices to customize their HUAWEI WATCH GT for any occasion.


Powerful New Features

In addition to the ultra-long battery life, the HUAWEI WATCH GT features industry-leading positioning capabilities.

The smart watch can simultaneously

  • GPS

three of the major satellite positioning systems, for precise positioning.

A tracking algorithm then optimizes the tracking data to achieve one-to-one positioning even in areas with numerous disparate signals.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT also addresses the needs of active users.

Based on its strength in positioning

  • HUAWEI WATCH GT also supports all-round sports activity tracking
  • Huawei enables tracking for a range of sports, including indoor exercises, outdoor running, mountain climbing, cycling and open water swimming.
  • The watch also supports fitness coaching features.
  • By analyzing the heart rate of users with scientific methods
  • this feature lets users exercise more safely and healthily than ever before.

The TruSeen™ 3.0 heart rate monitoring technology tracks the user’s active and resting heart rate.

Combining innovative PPG optical and hardware design and AI algorithms

the solution can monitor the heart rate of users in real time with high precision.

In Sport mode,  WATCH GT can be set up to notify users to adjust the intensity of their workout based on a pre-set target heart rate interval.

In Rest mode, the smart watch automatically monitors and records the resting heart rate of users.

The HUAWEI WATCHGT uses invisible lights to monitor the user’s heart rate during sleep, more intimate than other traditional methods

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