Keratin Treatment For Hair: Pros And Cons

Keratin Treatment For Hair: Pros And Cons

Keratin treatment is one of the most recent and most well known hair fixing medications. It fixes wavy and fuzzy hair as well as enhances the surface of straight hair and lifts its sparkle. Ladies have since quite a while ago battled with their hair irons and blow dryers to rectify their tresses. They have even attempted the hair unwinding treatment, which has frequently been censured in light of the fact that it harms the hair fingernail skin. Be that as it may, at long last the keratin treatment or the Brazilian victory appears to have prevailed upon most ladies and beauticians. In this article we weight in on the upsides and downsides of the keratin treatment.

What is the Keratin Treatment?

keratin treatment

Keratin is a protein, which is normally present in hair. It is additionally the reason that our hair remains straight and glossy. Throughout the years, this keratin content in the hair lessens because of eating regimen and way of life changes, in this way influencing the hair to look crimped and dry. Amid a keratin treatment, keratin is misleadingly added to the hair to influence it to look smooth, sparkly and frizz free, accordingly making it exceptionally prevalent among ladies and men.

How can it function?

The beautician starts by washing your hair with a keratin based cleanser and conditioner. He/she at that point blow dries the hair to evacuate all the dampness. This is then trailed by the utilization of the keratin arrangement with a brush. After this, the hair is permitted to set for a little while. Following this, he blow dries the hair again and utilizes a hot level iron to seal in the arrangement. This procedure takes around two hours, contingent upon the length of your hair. The hair must not be permitted to get wet for the following three days after the treatment. When you are at last finished with this, you will have smooth and frizz free hair for three months or more.

Since you realize what the keratin treatment is about, consider these advantages and disadvantages before you settle on your choice.


  • Keratin Treatment is ok for the hair
  • It makes the hair super sparkly and without frizz
  • It makes the hair delicate and smooth
  • It is reasonable for men and ladies
  • No demonstrated reactions
  • No requirement for any hair shower or gel to keep up the straight look
  • Simple styling


  • The concoction utilized can cause skin bothering and watery eyes
  • In a couple of cases, it could likewise cause unfavorably susceptible responses like a rash or tingling
  • The treatment can be expensive
  • Pregnant ladies ought to keep away from it
  • Can be just done under the supervision of a prepared beautician
  • Extraordinary sulfate free cleanser and conditioner must be utilized after the treatment to influence it to last more
  • It has been censured for the utilization of formaldehyde, which is a critical synthetic used to make building materials and various family items.

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