Need for speed Real Life :: Smaaash Sky Karting

Need for speed Real Life :: Smaaash Sky Karting

Go Fast and Furious!

On the off chance that you are the kind who adores hurdling down streets in your auto with not a care on the planet, then Delhi NCR’s terrible movement and potholes should definitely baffle you. Unleash the Michael Schumacher in you! Set out toward the recently opened Smaaash Go Karting track, it takes hustling truly to a radical new level! A first-of-its-kind multi-level karting track, a strict and non debatable consistence to security benchmarks; this place will have you joyfully speeding around for quite a long time.images (3)

Smaaash Go Karting …


A Destination Place Whether it’s a birthday gathering, a play date, a sentimental date (aha!), a group building occasion or a corporate gathering, Smaaash possesses all the necessary qualities with the appropriate measure of furor and excite. Race Against The Clock or Against a Friend! The new racers’ heaven conveys to you a world-class dashing track worked by Germany based Protex Karting. The electric controlled go karts give better quickening looked at than motor fueled go karts. Encourage, the track highlights emotional rises that permit fights with run karts outfitted with select speed control. With a 500-meter long track that is five meters wide and has 11 remaining corners and 12 right corners, and two crisscross examples all on strong solid, whatever we can state is that it will make your creative ability go for a run! Hustling head protectors and guideline for racers is given, and their staff supervise each race to guarantee people drive securely and comply with the principles of the game. Ideal for tykes (over 4 feet) and additionally grown-ups, go-karting here makes for an exciting action to appreciate with your posse of buddies or your family.

Drinks & food :: Pitstop Brewpub


Since all that hustling and adrenaline can make a significant craving, Smaaash has likewise opened their new BrewPub. The bar with its idiosyncratic insides and the enthusiastic vibe of its hustling track, offers an assortment of naturally blended lager, other fascinating beverages and finger licking grub. What’s luring is the assortment as well as the evaluating here. The Brewery’s F&B Pricing is exceptionally forceful. A Pitcher of Fresh Brewed Beer comes at all of Rs 399++. Require we say more! In this way, shriek the dashing track, consume some elastic and devour some heavenly sustenance and beverages at this all new ‘goal put’.

Where: Oyster Water Park, Sector 29, Gurgaon Call: +919015458458

Timing and Pricing Weekdays (Monday to Thursday): 12:30 PM – 1 AM Prices: Rs. 399 (5 mins track time) Weekends (Friday to Sunday): 11:00 AM – 1 AM Prices: Rs. 499 (5 mins track time).

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