UDTA PUNJAB – LetsTakeReview

UDTA PUNJAB – LetsTakeReview

Movie: UDTA PUNJABudta punjab

Release Date: 17 June 2016

Genre: Thriller

Cast:    Sahid Kapoor,

Alia Bhatt,

Sameer Niar,

Kareena Kapoor Khan,

Diljit Dosanjh,

Satish Kaushik

Director: Abhishek Chaubey

Story By: Rajeev Ravi

Music Composer:  Amit Trivedi

Producer:      Shobha n Ekta Kapoor,

Anuraj Kashyap,

Aman Gill

Vikas Bahl

Distributor: Phantom Productions,

Balaji Motion Pictures

Language: Hindi

Trailer: click here

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REVIEW: Welcome to Abhishek Chaubey’s Punjab; a world you may not possess, but rather can’t overlook. As infamous as Mexico in the present connection, the state that is known for wrestlers and wheat, serves up heroin, opium, cocaine speedier than parathas and lassis. Yes, Punjab the place that is known for the five waterways, is a depiction saved for the course readings. In actuality, it’s a spot blockaded via cartels, cocaine and degenerate cops

The movies opens with a disk hurler from over the outskirt tossing a bundle into a wilderness in Punjab in the dead of the night. The pink powder lands in the lap of the Bihari hockey player who works in the fields. Thus starts her tryst with the stash.

Sliced to the tattooed-weapon toting universe of Tommy. He’s a good example for the adolescent. Tragically he’s additionally an addict taking on the appearance of an Alpha male, who can just make music when he is ‘coked up’ to his eyeballs.
capture_635967497001921687At that point there is Inspector Sartaj and his prevalent (Manav Vij) who have no second thoughts about taking blood cash. Sartaj’s inner voice just blends when he understands his more youthful sibling, Prabhjyot Singh (Balli) is a casualty.

Finishing the quartet is the Florence Nightingale specialist who rehabilitates addicts and moonlights as a columnist, trusting her report on opiates will spare the day.

Abhishek Chaubey utilizes a section narrative part-standard methodology here. Post interim, the film is once in a while excessively liberal and drowsy. Likewise this is not your sunny-side up film. It is stark and makes you wince. Notwithstanding, its triumph lies in making you relate to its characters.

As Alia and Shahid, both casualties of medication and physical misuse battle their evil spirits and fates, you shed a quiet tear. Shahid has got his demonstration pat however Alia beats everybody empty. Kareena and Diljit are proficient. This survey additionally doffs a cap to the nuanced exhibitions of Satish Kaushik, Prabhjyot Singh and Manav Vij.


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