Vitabit : Behaviour Tracker First Impression

Vitabit : Behaviour Tracker First Impression

Hey guys!
I hope you are all doing well. Today I have a very interesting device i.e Vitabit  for you all, which is very different from other devices that are in the market.

This device can become a very basic and important soon. I will be sharing few
things about this device which is called Vitabit.

Vitabit is not actually aregular fitness tracking device. It is in fact the opposite. It helps track sedentary behavior and act as an alternative for measuring our health pattern, just in a different way than our usual fitness devices.

We all know that regular work-outs are the only way to save ourselves from the risk of cardiovascular diseases and health issues.

This device tell you exactly what not to do; that is not to keep sitting.

Vita bit is yet to be launched in the Indian market but India is a potential market for such device with its huge population majorly living a sedentary lifestyle. Having used this device for a few days, I would like to share the
first impression of the device with you all.

Vitabit Pros

●  Measures accurately sitting behaviour
●  Measures accurately standing behaviour
●  Tracks accurately walking time and number of steps
●  Less weight: 20g
●  Long Battery Life (28 days to next recharge)
●  Possibility of Gamification

vitabit Cons

●  Third party data integration not out of the box (standard is CSV
export, API upon request).

What’s Inside the Box!!
●  Vitabit Fitness Tracker
●  USB Cable
●  Installation Manual

How to Connect Tracker with Smartphone ?

●  Bluetooth Connectivity
●  Install Vitabit App from Playstore
●  Login into Vitabit Account by creating account on
●  Then Open the app and track insights


●  Plastic body
●  Easy to carry

Device is actually pretty comfortable as you don’t need to wear it in your hands.

The device can be easily attached on your jean/trouser pants using a magnetic attachment that comes with the device.

Vitabitis a device which is easy to carry, light weight and comfortable.

I will be further doing a detailed review of the device soon.

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