wayForward Health :: Wellness company

wayForward Health :: Wellness company

Dr. Navya Singh is the founder of wayForward and it was her vision that led to the creation of this program. She has a doctorate in clinical psychology and her research experience over the past decade has focused mostly on trauma survivors, from World Trade Center evacuees and first responders to Rwandan genocide survivors. Currently, she is affiliated with Columbia University (in New York) at the Division of Molecular Imaging and Neuropathology, Department of Psychiatry, from where she completed her post doctoral research fellowship and currently studies the neuroscience behind depression and suicide. Additionally, she has worked with clinical populations ranging from forensic populations, college students and adolescents, to artists and suburban clientele in the New York City Metropolitan area. She completed her masters from Columbia University and doctorate from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

Ritvik Singh, CEO and co-founder

Educated at IIT Delhi and Columbia University, Ritvik has over a decade of experience as a manager and markets expert on Wall Street at major investment banks including Citibank and Deutsche Bank.  He managed and traded some of the largest currency portfolios generating over $100 million annual revenue from 2008 to 2013. Additionally, he ran a not-for-profit medication reminder service in India, MedRemind, which served over 5000 patients. He has led the development of a software application for a research project at University of Michigan  on Mindfulness based practices in high-stress work environments.

Stan Miroshnikov, CTO and co-founder

Educated at Columbia University and City University of New York, Stan has over a decade of experience as a software development expert and leader. His expertise is in identifying and implementing most effective and innovative technologies, and he has used this successfully as product development lead at technology companies including SyncSort and Yodle.

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