Mystery Rooms – Real Life Escape Game Experience

Mystery Rooms – Real Life Escape Game Experience


Address: B- 7/9  Rajouri Garden Ring Road New Delhi-110027

Timmings: 11 a.m. to 11p.m. (Everyday)

Age Group: 10-60

Ticket/ Entry Fees: Price Vary Depend Upon Team Size as Follows:

WeekDays (Monday – Friday)

Mission for 2: Rs 800 per person = Rs 1600
Mission for 3: Rs 700 per person = Rs 2100
Mission for 4: Rs 600 per person = Rs 2400
Mission for 5: Rs 500 per person = Rs 2500

WeekEnds (Saturday & Sunday)

Mission for 2: Rs 1000 per person=Rs 2000
Mission for 3: Rs 900 per person = Rs 2700
Mission for 4: Rs 800 per person = Rs 3200
Mission for 5: Rs 700 per person = Rs 3500


About The Place: The minute I ventured into the spot i knew I am at an event recognize, the feeling itself is exciting to the point that you roister the exact moment you get in. The mystery room is about making genuine departure amusement encounter, the players need to handle the circumstances by settling riddles and conundrums with some utilization of arithmetic and a great deal of sound judgment, you are given signs and helps as well. The four areas which they give are (you can pick one and only at once)

The Hurt Locker:

In This Room Terrorist Besieged A Place with Bomb. Team(2-8 Members) As Member Of Bomb Squad Diffuse The Bomb In A Time Period Of 60 Minutes













This Is A Room In Which A Member Of A Team(2-8 player) Act As Famous Personality And Has Been Kinapped By Terrorist. The Members Of The Team Have To Find And Rescue That Member In A Time Period Of 60 Minutes.


Cabin In The Woods:

In This Room A Mysterious Killing Happenned In The Cursed Forest. Killing Was Done Either By A Witch Or Tiger or Someone Else?. Team(4-8 Players) Have To Save The Villagers By Finding The Culprit In A  Time Period Of 60 Minutes

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This Is Toughest Of All & My Favorite Room , Here A Team(4-6 Players) Are Prisoners They Need To Use Their Brains For Solving Clues & Escaping Out Of Prison Before Jailor Comes In A Time Period Of 60 Minutes.


The Place Also Renders A Pool Table & Cafeteria Such You Don’t Feel Hungry & Bored While Waiting For Your Turn To Play.


For Real Life Escape Experiences This Is A Place To Visit With Family & Friends.

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