Vivo partners with China Mobile 5G Device Initiative

Vivo partners with China Mobile 5G Device Initiative

VIVO announced its partnership with China Mobile on the “China Mobile 5G Device Forerunner Initiative” at the GTI Summit 2018 at Mobile World Congress. Combining the efforts of industry players including Vivo, the program will accelerate the development of next generation 5G devices. The program aims to launch the first batch of 5G pre-commercial devices for scale-up trial application showcase, plus establish support for the development of 5G devices, chipsets and component supply chains. Shi Yujian, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Vivo attended the summit and joined discussions on the latest R&D of 5G devices with industry leaders from other partner companies.

The “China Mobile 5G Device Forerunner Initiative” led by China Mobile brings together more than 20 of the industry’s most influential and capable chipset manufacturers, component manufacturers and end-solution providers, forming a strong industry ecosystem for 5G development.


Vivo outlines 5G device commercialization

“The smartphone industry’s growth is increasingly driven by the user experience, which has significantly grown the influence of smartphone manufacturers on communication standards and regulations. For Vivo, 5G is both an opportunity and a challenge as technology changes emerge

more rapidly so the pace of market change is faster than ever. Continuous innovation is the only way to forge ahead in today’s dynamic era,” Mr. Shi said at the event.

5G networks will deliver higher speeds, lower latency and more bandwidth than ever. As applications of these key features in mobile communications broaden, 5G devices will take on different forms. While AR/VR and wearables continue to evolve, the 5G smartphone will continue to be the core platform for mobile users with its unmatched user base size.

Vivo believes the 5G smartphone will act as a hub for Smart Sensors, Smart Control and Smart Services. Smartphones will detect and analyze user behaviour, form a control centre for the Internet of things and deliver personalized AI-enabled services. Vivo also plans to launch its 5G pre-commercial devices by 2019 and officially release a commercial 5G smartphone by 2020.

Long-term commitment to 5G development

Vivo began its research into 5Gnot long after the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) shared their vision of5G. Vivo set up its 5GResearch Institute in Beijing in 2016 and became one of the largest device providers at the 3GPP group to help develop 5 G technologies. In the past year, Vivo has activated 5 G antenna and frequency related development to further accelerate Vivo’s pace of 5Ginnovation. Vivo’s partnership with China Mobile on 5 G started in 2016 with a joint solution that reduces power consumption of 5Gdevices. Vivo was also a key contributor to the China. Mobile led GTI 5GDevice Whitepaper and China Mobile 5GTechnical Requirements for Large Scale Field Trial.

To enable the unique consumer experience shifts that 5Gwill bring, Vivo has also been working closely with Qualcomm on a 5Gdemonstration to showcase the power of 5Gpplied across a range of end-to-end usage scenarios.

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